BASEL: Guided Tour: Bathing Nuns and Traditional Craftsmen

 Guided Tour


The Cornell Club of Switzerland invites us!

Cornell University


17 JUNE 2017 15h45
Meeting place: Theodorskirchplatz

Guided Tour: Bathing Nuns and Traditional Craftsmen

The district on the right-hand bank of the Rhine is much more than just a "lesser Basel". You will hear about the fascinating history of the founding of this quarter and town development in the 13th century up to the industrialization of the city. Discover more about the churches and monasteries in the Middle Ages, their inhabitants, their daily lives and traditions.

Dinner: Restaurant Linde
(a traditional Kleinbasler Beiz)
Optional and open to those who could not join the tour.


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Guided Historical Tour of Kleinbasel followed by Dinner at the Restaurant Linde Invitation and Registration Details

Date: 17 June 2017

Members of other university clubs are welcome to join the Cornell Club for this event.
CHF 15 for non-members.

Guided Tour: Bathing Nuns and Traditional Craftsmen
15h45 – 17h30

Meeting Point: Theodorskirchplatz (Stop: Wettsteinplatz – Trams 2, 15; Buses 31, 34, 38)

This is a walking tour and will take place regardless of weather. Please dress accordingly.
Tour limited to 20 persons, first come, first serve. The language will be English.

Dinner: Restaurant Linde, Rheingasse 43 ( 18h00
Dinner is optional and can also be joined by persons who did not take the tour.

Menu choices:
- Rindshuft-Medaillions an Sauce “Café de Paris” (beef rump steak) “MEAT” CHF 52.50
- Eglifilet im Bierteig (perch fried in beer batter) “FISH” CHF 48.50
- Steinpilznudeln mit Parmesanspänen (noodles with mushrooms) “VEGI” CHF 42.50

Included with each menu is a salad and dessert. The meat and fish menus include appropriate side dishes. The dessert is a specialty of the house: “Ueli-Bieramisu”. Drinks are not included in the menu price.

Note for those traveling to Basel: This is the weekend of Art¦Basel, the most important event for modern and contemporary art in the world. It would be possible to combine a visit to Art¦Basel and the Cornell Club event.

Payment: Bernie MacCabe will collect cash on the day for the tour (if applicable) and the dinner. Food will be paid by Bernie. Drinks are to be settled individually.

Cancellation until Wednesday, 14 June: no charge; thereafter we will ask you to pay for the dinner in full.


To register, please:

send an email entitled
“Registration for Basel Event”

to [email protected]

Provide the following information for yourself:

Full name
Mobile phone number
Selection of one of the following options:
- Tour and dinner
- Tour only
- Dinner only

If joining the dinner, select your menu: MEAT, FISH, or VEGI

For each additional person in your party, please provide the same information (mobile phone number optional).

June 17, 2017 at 3:45pm - June 19, 2017

BASEL: Guided tour meeting place: Theodorskirchplatz Basel

Theodorskirchplatz 7
Basel, BS CH-4058

Bernie MacCabe

+41 79 311 5644