December 10, 2023

Basel: End of Year Gathering at Christmas Market 2023

Dear alumni

We ended the year 2023 with our end-of-year-gathering at the Christmas market in Basel. As already at other years, we gathered at the restaurant Zum Isaak at the Münster square. It seems to be a popular event. As already in earlier years, we had many registration.


Because we had about 20 alumni registered to come, the restaurant had us placed in their small hall on a long table. It looked quite nice and important! Unfortunately, ten of the registered alumni didn’t show up, and only two of them canceled their reservation on the day of the event. This fact makes it very difficult for us to organize and plan our events. We upgraded the numbers of reserved seats, according to the registration, and then we had to disappoint the restaurant with a much smaller show up, after making quite an effort by having us in the small hall, were we had the whole room for us alone.


We would like to thank all participants on our events this year. It was a lot of fun to organize them, and we hope, you enjoyed them and will com again next year. We wish you a good end to the year, happy and joyful holidays and all the best for 2024. We hope to see you all on our events next year.

Philippe Waelle, President of the Basel Chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer
Patrick Näf, Event Officer

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