September 02, 2023

Basel: Rhine Ports

Dear Alumni

We had another great, and even exclusive, event. Martin Haller, member of the board of directors at Gateway Basel Nord and alumni, invited us to the Port of Switzerland in Basel. We met at the head quarter, where he gave us a presentation about the Port of Switzerland and the Gateway Basel Nord. The presentation about this big infrastructure project, which planning already took years was very fascinating. It turned into a lively discussion about the obstacles the project already had to endure. In the presentation we realized, that just days ago there was the premiere of a documentary movie about the parcel of land, the nature, and the project, produced for Swiss television. Martin Haller is one of the protagonists in the movie. The presentation animated us to discuss the balance between the needs of the nature versus the needs of the economy for infrastructure.


After the presentation, Martin Halle invited us all for a boat ride with the Rhytaxi. We were very lucky, that the weather in the last two days changed completely, and we had a warm and sunny evening. We left the port by boat, chugged towards the Dreirosenbrücke, and returned to the port. There was enough time to chat and talk.


The boat disembarked at the Dreiländereck. Right there, is the bar Sandoase. Quite a fun place, especially with the nice and warm weather we had. Martin Haller had us reserved a lounge area, where we stayed for the evening. After the boat ride, we were all very hungry, so we all had burgers and drinks. We would like to thank Martin Haller for his initiative and organization for the evening. We all enjoyed it very much. Once again, we had nice conversation and new connections had been established.


Philippe Waelle, President of the Basel Chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer
Patrick Näf, Event Officer

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