February 10, 2015

End-of-Year-Gathering at the Basel Christmas Market

At “Zum Isaak” Basel – December 10, 2014

Basel Chapter

Dear Alumni

We ended the year 2014, as we did the year before. We all enjoyed the booths at the Christmas Market on the Muenster square individually. It was a cold, but nice evening, just right for roaming between the enticing food, the beautiful crafts, and, sometimes as well, useless gifts.

 End of Year Gathering

Afterwards we met at the nearby restaurant “Zum Isaak” for dinner, drinks and talks. Once again, the event was well visited. We occupied a large table. Actually, we had to move together, so everybody could be at the table. At the evening we also promised the program for 2015. So stay tuned for our next events.

Philippe Waelle
President of the Chapter Basel

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