June 28, 2015

Basel: Alumni Guided Tour at Art Basel 2015

At Bistro at the Museum of Ancient Art – June 21, 2015

Dear Alumni

After the large request last year, we expected even more interest in our guided tour, we organize each year. The weather was quite dreary, and I thought, it was the perfect day to spend inside and look at art. The interest this year wasn’t as large as expected. Maybe it has to do with the new website and the mail function of it? Some alumni complained, not having received our evite. We are working on this with the CAA in New York.


Nevertheless, ...

... we were about 20 alumni meeting for brunch at the Museum of Ancient Art. Because of the weather, we couldn’t sit in the beautiful court yard. But we had our own room in the beautiful museum bistro. The brunch buffet was elaborate as always. As a special treat, we could hand out goodies, like pencils, mouse pads, socks and towels, all with the emblem of the Columbia University. We received those gifts from the CAA in New York for our first prize at the photo competition in September last year. Here a big thank you to the CAA.


At the Art Basel, we had two tours booked – stiles and photography. Most alumni chose the stile tour. Therefore those who had chosen the photography tour had almost a private tour. The exhibition was very packed with art enthusiasts, and the tours were very well presented. I hope, everybody learnt a lot, anyhow, I did.


As a special, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation GSAPP offered us a tour through the furniture and design show called Design Miami Basel. Entrance and tour through the show were free of charge – also here a big thank you to the GSAPP. Design Miami is actually quite a large exhibition of furniture and accessories you don’t find in regular stores. You don’t read much about it in the press, and this actually unjustified. We all were fascinated and stayed a bit longer to see it all.

We don’t know how we are going to organize the event around Art Basel next year, but we could imagine, focusing more on Design Miami Basel. However, we are looking forward to our next event – so please stay tuned!

Philippe Waelle
President of the Basel Chapter

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