June 18, 2022

Basel: Art Basel 2022

Dear alumni

The event at, or around the Art Basel is always our most successful event in the year. We had been a view times on a tour through the fair, visited Art Unlimited, visited the exhibition Basel Miami, or did the Parcours a couple times. This year, we had the opportunity to visit a specially curated exhibition at the Basel Art Center. The director Matthias Rüthmüller himself invited us to host the event and organize a small Apéro, thanks to Corinna Grisostomi, which happen to know him since a longer time. We had about 35 alumni from Columbia University and other Ivy League schools and organizations joining us for this gallery visit. Through a growing network of schools and organizations of alumni with chapters in Basel, our event was open also to them.

Introduction through the curator.

The Art Center Basel provides the space, where curators get a platform for their exhibitions. The exhibition around Art Basel 2022 was curated by two Russian female curators which have a gallery in Paris and a small gallery in Basel. The exhibition was twofold – 4 days it exhibited young emerging artist from Ukraine, and 4 days it exhibited young emerging artists from Russia. We happened to be at the Russian part of the exhibition. Interestingly enough, the critical Russian artists are banned in Russia for having a critical view, and banned in the western world for being Russian. Therefore, this exhibition was the only place at Art Basel 2022 where Russian artist were able to show their work.

Explaining the art.

After a short greeting and introduction from the president of the Basel chapter of the CAA of Switzerland, the director of the Basel Art Center, Matthias Rüthmüller, explained us his concept of the center. Then the two curators made a general introduction about the exhibition, and afterwards they explained most of the art walking from piece to piece. And, because looking at art makes one thirsty and hungry, the buffet with the Apéro was opened. The gathering started at 6:30 pm and people stayed until 8:00, or even 8:30 pm.


We were happy to be able to host such an interesting and well visited event.

Philippe Waelle, President Basel chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer

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