June 17, 2024

Basel: Art Basel 2024

Dear alumni

This year event around Art Basel was a full success. More than 35 alumni registered for the event. We were once again invited to join the Basel Art Center. Matthias Ruthmueller, director of the Basel Art Center, invited us to have our event around Art Basel at his gallery.

art_basel_2024_1.jpg art_basel_2024_2.jpg

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Art Meta created parallel to the official Art Basel their own art fair, but focusing on digital art. With the slogan “Bringing Digital Art to the World”, they created the “Digital Art Mile” along the Rebgasse in Kleinbasel, presenting digital art and NFT in three separate rooms, respectively galleries. The Basel Art Center was “space31” in this row. While the gallery is on the 4th floor, we met at the third floor for an apéro and introduction with Matthias Ruthmueller.


He explained the concept of the “Digital Art Mile”, NFT and verifying the originality of an art work through blockchain. He also emphasized, that the art and its digital concept presented there is much mor enhanced and cutting edge, then what is presented at Art Basel. After this interesting introduction and a brief discussion about NFT and blockchain, we went up one floor, where there were about six separate galleries, presenting different digital art work. It was fascinating to see this kind of new digital art from artists around the world. The galleries were very helpful in explaining the art to us and introducing us to the different artists.

Warm regards,
Philippe Waelle, President of the Basel Chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer
Patrick Näf, Event Officer

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