June 17, 2019

Basel: Art Basel Parcours 2019

Dear Alumni

As almost every year, we wanted to organize an event around the Art Basel. It was always one of our most successful events each year. But this time, we wanted to go to the Parcours, instead of the regular galleries in the fair halls, or to the curated show Unlimited.


The Parcours take place on the Münster hill. It is a kind of a sculpture treasure hunt. Some of the sculptures are in the public space, in the open air. Some are placed in buildings, some public, some private.


Going to the indoor places gave you also access to buildings, you normally didn’t have any, and sometimes you even didn’t know, they existed. One risk we had: if you gather, in order to explore parts of the city, you better have nice weather. But Petrus was nice to us. It was sunny, warm – just the kind of evening you wish to have for such an event.


17 alumni registered for exploring the sculptures together. First we looked at the sculptures on the Münster square. Personally, I was intrigued most by the glass structure from Dan Graham. Maybe, because I studied architecture, or because you could enter the sculpture? Some of the interiors of the historical buildings were more stunning, than the sculptures. Anyway, it was very interesting. After an hour of exploring the Parcours, we went into the court yard of “Zum Isaak” at the Münster square, and had dinner. Walking the city obviously made hungry.


We were happy, to have so many of you at our event, and we hope, you enjoyed it as much, as we did. I hope seeing you at our next event.

Philippe Waelle, President Basel chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer

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