December 28, 2018

Basel: Concert by Ken-David Masur

Basel: Concert by Ken-David Masur
at the Musical Theater Basel, December 14th 2018.

Dear Alumni,

We were excited to end the year 2018 with a really great event!

The school informed us, that Ken-David Masur ’02 CC is travelling to Basel and conducts at the Musical Theater Basel. They connected us to him, and we were able to organize an apéro riche reception.

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The Basel chapter reserved the VIP-lounge on the balcony of the entry hall, and had the Musical Theater providing us with an apéro riche. We were about ten alumni gathering for the reception. Ken-David arrived during the pre-concert. It was very interesting to hear his story and passion for conducting and for classic and modern music. He told us entertaining stories about his travels and his work. Ken-David answered also the questions of the alumni, and the conversation grew into a lively chat. With his warm and pleasant personality, he turned the event into a lovely experience. Everybody went to the following concert with excitement and a better understanding of the pieces being played. But not only meeting Ken-David was great, but also the food provided by the catering. Different fine appetizers, including small dessert plates were prepared. It had more than enough for everybody.



After our intimate reception with Ken-David, he invited us for the pre-concert talk, he had on the stage. There he explained more about the chosen classical pieces played after. The concert, played by the Collegium Musicum Basel, and conducted by Ken-David Masur was a pleasure.



I would like to thank everybody, which joined us for this exceptionally evening. We hope to organize events for the next year with the same quality.

For the new year we wish you all the best, and hope to see you at our next event.

Philippe Waelle, President Basel chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer

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