July 05, 2016

Basel: Design Miami 2016

At exhibition hall  Basel – June 16, 2016

Dear Alumni

We already had a very busy first half of a year. Now summer is here, and the kids are in their holidays. Some of you will travel, others have just started to travel, and some of you stay, where they are. With the raising heat, the movement and business starts to slow down. This gives me some time to reflect on the first of this year’s months.

First, on March 17, 2016, we had our Spring Happy Hour at the Brasserie Volkshaus in Basel. A few of the alumni came together for a drink, and someone kept ordering those spicy appetizers, which got eaten up right at arrival. It was nice to connect again, and to look forward to the events, we have planned for 2016.

In April we wanted to give you the chance to see a lecture by Johanna Fassl on war photography. She was excited to come to Basel for this, and we were excited to have her here. But, we didn’t want her to come, in order to talk in front of just a few. So we made a questionnaire, which had unfortunately only a very sparse response. We got frightened, that there was no interest among our alumni, and so we canceled the event. It would be interesting to hear your opinion, why there was so little interest.

At April 26, 2016, Eva Krug from the Basel chapter of the MIT Club of Switzerland, organized this year’s Ivy League Gathering with a bowling night in Gundeldingen. She was very successful in bringing together alumni from the different schools, and so we played each two rounds of bowling. It was a lot of fun, and gave enough opportunities to mingle and talk.

Ivy League Gathering 2016

Finally in June 2016 we had our large and successful event at Desing Miami in Basel. The furniture and design exhibition takes place at the same time and location as the famous Art Basel. The Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation were able to provide us with 20 free VIP passes, which gave access to all events and entrances to Design Miami and Art Basel. The passes were quickly taken. In addition, we organized an exhibition visit on June 19, 2016. It was quite a large group of alumni, some with their family, some alone. The exhibition triggered very interesting discussions, while sprawling through the design pieces. Most of us kept going, after a small relaxing pause, and visited the Art Unlimited part of the Art Basel.

Design Miami 2016

I hope, I will see you again on our next event, the Columbia Connects in September. I also hope to see those, which couldn’t yet take part this year.

Have a nice summer!

Philippe Waelle
President of the Basel Chapter

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