October 21, 2020

Basel: End of Year Gathering 2020

Dear alumni

This year, we canceled all gatherings due to the COVID19 pandemic. While during the summer the events around the pandemic were leveling, and an almost normal life was returning, we decided to organize a gathering with the alumni, in order to keep the club running. Luckily, we had our End-of-Year-Gathering, when we did. Looking back, we just did it, bevor all the measures tightened again.


We met on a table in the Market Hall, near the train station SBB. It’s a location, easy to reach. I reserved a table in the center of the hall, put a Columbia banner on the table, and hoped, the registered alumni for the event will find me – and they did. We were a nice mixture of regulars, and new visitors. Because we opened the gathering to the other Ivy League schools in the region, we had visitors from MIT and Cornell. There many thanks of our friends, which published our event on their websites. Sitting in the center of the hall allows you to choose your meal from many stands with food from all over the world, and even get a beer from a place, were ones stops counting the different brands, there are so many. Once again, it was a lovely evening with nice conversation and the opportunity, of meeting new alumni of our region.

Philippe Waelle, President Basel chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer

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