September 10, 2016

Basel: Columbia Connects 2016

Basel: Happy Hour Summer 2016.
In the garden of the restaurant Kunsthalle in Basel September 8, 2016. 

Dear Alumni

Every Year the Columbia Alumni Association hat its Columbia Connects in September. The goal is, to connect within all the alumni worldwide. The idea is to communicate with Facebook, Twitter etc. during the event. Well, I’m probably too busy, to broadcast continually what I’m always up to; therefore I have no such accounts. However, also the Basel chapter takes part with gathering at exact that time.

Kunsthalle Basel

This year we announced the event long ahead in our yearly outline, but sent out the invitation mail with quite a short notice. Nonetheless, a small group of alumni enjoyed the warm evening outside with a cool drink. We were a group coming originally from two far distant continents and had some new members to Switzerland from Zurich. After this evening, it looks like, we won some new regulars.

Now we are looking forward to our next event. Our family outing to the Foundation Fernet-Branca! Here we would like to see many alumni joining us with their family, or friends!

Philippe Waelle
President of the Basel Chapter

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