May 25, 2015

Basel: Happy Hour with our Affiliate from CAA New York

At Unternehmen Mitte Basel – May 6, 2015

Dear Alumni

Brianna Clementz is our affiliate from the Columbia Alumni Association CAA. She is responsible for the Clubs in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. In her function as our affiliate she is our direct link to the University, and helps us with organizing events, keeping the alumni database, and helps us with our website. It’s a real pleasure having her as our affiliate, and since the CAA assigned the affiliates to a narrower region, we experience a tighter and closer support, which is a big help in organizing our club. Here I would like to say a big thank you, Brianna.

Alumni with Brianna Clementz

On her way down from Frankfurt, over Geneva, to Vienna, Brianna Clementz made halt in Basel. I had the pleasure of having a meeting with her, where we discussed how to enhance the Basel chapter. In the evening we organized an informal meeting with our alumni at Unternehmen Mitte – Thank you for welcoming her. There was the chance to bring the Geneva and the Zurich chapter closer together with alumni from those chapters.

Philippe Waelle
President of the Basel Chapter

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