June 16, 2021

Basel: Hike and Pick Nick

Basel: Hike and Pick Nick
Kaiseraugst - Alteberg - Giebenach - Olsberg


Dear Alumni

Finally, we were able to meet again, and we were able to host an event! During the spring, the president of SAMBA (Swiss Association of MBAs) approached us for organizing a common event. We gladly took the invitation to have a joined event, because quite often, the events we organize for the Basel chapter have not enough participants. With the network of SAMBA, we were able to broaden the clubs taking part in our event, and besides SAMBA and Columbia University, also the NYU, IE and Insead took part in the organization. After a few Zoom meetings, it was clear, that we organize an easy hike for alumni and their families.


The hike was chosen, with the intent, that it was similar accessible from Basel, as from Zurich. Therefore, we started our hike in Kaiseraugst. First, we walked through the historical site of the Roman ruins of Augusta Raurica. Through some farm fields, we walked to the foot of Alteberg, where we decided to take the longer hike, which involved also climbing about 200 vertical meters, instead of a short cut through the flat fields. On top of the hill, we stopped at the castle ruins of Altenberg, where we had lunch on a pick nick site beside the ruins. After lunch we went back down the hill towards and through the town of Giebenach. Without a stop, we kept going to the cloister of Olsberg. Here we had a well-deserved pause, laid on the field in the court yard, were able to use washrooms and refill our water bottles. At the end of the approximately 15 km, and 6 hours after the start, everybody was good and tired.


The weather was gorgeous, maybe even a bit too hot. Luckily halve of the route was in the shadow of forests. It was a lovely day, and people, which didn't know each other first had a good time hiking together and had lively conversation. It turned out to be an event with national participation. We had guest from Zurich, Basel, the central Switzerland, and even the French speaking areas.


The only down side of the beautiful hike and pick nick was, that none of the about 125 alumni in the Basel region had sign up for the event. Was it the wrong kind of undertaking? Do the mails not reach you? If you have some thoughts about it, we would be happy to hear them.

Never the less, we still are looking forward in organizing the next event for you! In discussion is a visit of the Art Basel. But also, everybody which took part at the hike in Kaiseraugst, hopes to be able to go together to another one.

Philippe Waelle, President Basel chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer

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