April 06, 2015

Basel - Ivy League Bowling Evening hosted by Basel chapter of MIT Club of Switzerland

At Bowling Centre Basel – March 31, 2015

Dear Alumni

Last year the Basel chapter of the Columbia University Club of Switzerland organized the first Ivy League gathering in Basel. The response was quite large, and many alumni of Ivy League schools, living in Basel gathered. At the end of the year, Eva Krug, organizing the MIT Club of Switzerland asked me, if it would be ok, if her club organizes this year’s gathering. It was more than welcome, because it showed us, that our effort in organizing an Ivy League school gathering in Basel was liked.


Eva had the great idea to gather at the Bowling Center in Basel. With this, it was a chance to mingle, and do a game together. Even though, the gathering was shortly before eastern, we were enough alumni to occupy three bowling lanes. Some took the game more, and some less serious, but everybody engaged in conversation. Because the location didn’t provide any food, Eva organized, that we went to a nearby restaurant. Maybe, Eva will organize a similar gathering next year. So, once more, thank you Eva for your effort!

Philippe Waelle
President of the Chapter Basel

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