September 04, 2022

Basel: Rhine Swimming 2022

Dear alumni

On Wednesday, 17th of August, we organized our Rhine Swimming. For weeks, it was sunny and hot. Temperatures almost at 30°. The day before the event, possible rain was forecast, but not in the evening. On the day, it rained in the morning, so we thought, this was it. The temperature of the Rhine still was extraordinarily high. So, we decided, to keep having the Rhine Swimming as planned. All the participants got an e-mail saying, it still is on. But short before 6 pm the clouds were gathering and the sky became dark. A thunder storm came up, and only few alumni had the courage to com to the assembly place at the Tonguely museum. Seeing the storm coming up, we didn’t have the courage to jump into the water, even though there were some other people to do it anyway. So, we played weak and went to have a drink in a near by garden restaurant. The thunder storm came later, which means, we could have done our swimming anyway. But sometimes it is better to be carefully.

Philippe Waelle, President Basel chapter

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  • Philippe Waelle
    published this page in News 2022-09-04 10:48:52 +0200