August 27, 2023

Basel: Rhine Swimming 2023

Dear alumni

This year we were luckier with the weather, than last year. It was hot! The temperature was over 30°, and the weather forecast predicted only one more hot day, and then the temperature supposed to drop significantly. Therefore, it was almost a mob scene at the shore line.


There were so many swimmers in the Rhine. It did well, to be able to jump into the cool water at those temperatures. Our group was a fair number of about 8 alumni.


We were able to swim together in a group, and arrive as a team at the fotopoint beside the concert raft. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch the moment to produce a nice photo. Therefore, it’s missing in this little gallery. At the Kaserne, we got out of the water, where the city provides showers. Some of us were a bit unlucky in the regard, that they had Wickelfisch, which were not sealed enough, or they didn’t roll the top enough.


The evening and night were very warm. Because everybody was at the shore in front of the Kaserne, we decided to go into the court yard for our drinks. We were lucky to find a table for all of us. Rhine swimming is something special. Maybe, you are with us next year?

Philippe Waelle, President of the Basel Chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer
Patrick Näf, Event Officer

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