March 18, 2023

Basel: St. Patrick's Day Gathering

We started this year with our first event. It was a simple gathering, and we took the Friday, March 17 as an opportunity, as it was St. Patrick’s Day.


I’m, afraid, we didn’t have any Irish fellow in our group. But anyway, quite many alumni came to together. The place was packed, and on the ground floor a band was playing. We were on the more spacious upper floor and had reserved several tables, which we moved together into one very long table so we could all sit together. It was terribly noisy, and it was impossible to talk from one end to the other. So, some of us moved around to be able to talk to everyone. We had guests from near and far. Even from Zurich or Neuchatel. It was nice to see some regulars and some new alumni attending this event. We are already looking forward to our next event, which will be held during Art Basel in June. So, stay tuned for the next announcement.


Philippe Waelle, President Basel chapter
Corinna Grisostomi, Event Officer
Patrick Näf, Event Officer

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